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What's Going On?

Author, speaker & marketing consultant Daniel Hall, has recorded an absolutely amazing mp3 program called "The Top 5 Secrets To Writing, Publishing and Profiting From Your Book - Real Fast." This audio mp3 will reveal how you can crank out a top selling book and distribute it worldwide. Plus, you'll discover Daniel's insider secrets to making all this happen in record time...

What Will You Discover In This 60 Minute Audio mp3?

You'll hear the astonishing 'Insider Secrets' to creating and publishing top-selling books worldwide that are at once free-standing profit centers as well as credibility enhancers for your existing businesses!  

Here's why this audio mp3 is the best deal on the planet if you want to crank out high-quality books that sell -- lightening fast 'cause you'll discover...

Secret #1: Writing Your Book Faster Than A Holiday Gift List!

I already told you the number #1 secret to writing your book real fast (the record & transcribe method) but there are a number of other methods that will blow your mind

... like how to get motivated experts to contribute content to your book real fast or harnessing an old Montessori school technique that will have your book practically writing itself (no bull)! 

Secret #2: Publishing a Book That People Actually Want to Buy!

Fact: Most books don't sell because they are written on topics that few people are interested in i.e., no market.  

Listen folks - no market, no sales.  No sales, no money.  Make sure you have this right. 

Good news because...

Fact: With just a few free resources you can get a great idea whether your book will sell - before you write it!  

Stop wasting time, effort & money on projects doomed to failure before you start. This info alone is absolutely golden!

Secret #3: Building Wiz-Bang Free-Standing Profit Centers Into Each Book That Gets Printed 

You're gonna love this...

With this high-level strategy (that you'll get in your audio mp3) you'll discover how to make each of your books into a soldier in your profit army.   That's right, with this method a single circulating book can bring you profits both immediately and LOOOOONG after its initial publication.  

I'm telling you this is slick, its easy to implement and it will rock your world!

Secret #4: How To Build a Platform of Loyal Fans Who Will Buy Anything You Write!

Your fans and followers are the life-blood of your business and you want as many of them as possible as quickly as possible.

Revealing Fact: The first thing any major New York trade publisher ever wants to know is -- Does the author have a platform?  Do they have a fan base?

Major publishers want to know this because they calculate the number of guaranteed sales by the number of folks within an author's platform.   

Obviously this is important information, y'dig? 

Well in this secret I'm going to reveal a bunch under the radar and closely guarded strategies for quickly building a base of loyal fans who will clamor to buy any book you put out.  

Secret #5: Using a Little Known But Highly Effective FREE Amazon Tool to Sell More of Your Books Faster

This secret is great because it harnesses the power of the largest book seller in the world to sell your book worldwide.  This free tool will not only help you sell books but it will also help to build your platform.... wowzer, this is powerful stuff!

Do yourself a huge favor get this audio mp3 right now by seizing on the $7 trial opportunity...

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Want Proof?  Of Course, You Do!

Fact of the matter is these methods are so remarkable that it caused my friend, bestsellling author and star of the hit-movie "The Secret", Joe Vitale to blog about my fast authorship successs.  Here's an excerpt from his post 11 Days to Success...

11 Days to Success 

by Dr. Joe Vitale

Daniel Hall took Nerissa and me out to dinner and told us an inspiring story.

Joe Vitale, Nerissa Oden & Daniel HallHe wrote a little book on how to get dignitariaes and other famous people to send you awards, or cards, or even name a day after you or someone you know. Itís called Prestigious Acknowledgements.

Writing the book took him an afternoon.

He then uploaded the book to Amazon...

The entire process  - start to finish - took him 11 days.

Most of it was waiting time, so he could approve hard copies of the printed book, etc.

Daniel told us his story with excitement. He knows that in the old days getting any book published could be a long and complicated process, and getting a distributor could take even longer.

Not today.

A few clicks and youíre on Amazon and in business.

You can find his book at http://tinyurl.com/3b5cjk 

Donít you just love the Internet?


Where will you be in 11 days if you donít act now?

Ao Akua


"Daniel, your audio mp3 Offer is a no brainer. 

 I want it now!"

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Why Did I Record This Audio mp3?

In five words: "I wanted to give back." 

Here's the story...

I always wanted to be a successful author.  But, fact is, I had many early discouragements. 

I remember the day in high school when one of my teachers asked what I was going to do to make a living.  My reply, "write and publish books" met with laughter and riducule from the teacher and my classmates.  This experience made me super determined to succeed.  

Daniel Hall creator of Real Fast Book

With the system Daniel Hall lays out on your audio mp3 you'll discover the exact methods for cranking out high-quality books almost overnight !

I grew up and eventually went on to nursing school and then law school.  Although I was not yet a book author, as a student I was determined to get published and in fact was selected as an editor on my Law Review and published scholarly articles in the areas of both nursing and law.  

Also, in law school I got my first real opportunity to be in a book published by a major publisher.

Because of my dual expertise of nursing and law, I was asked to contribute a chapter to a nursing textbook titled...

Nursing Practice and the Law: Avoiding Malpractice and Other Legal Risks

Altough this book was not  exactly what I had dreamed of, it was a start.  The book was not much of a money-maker either.  In fact, I can't remember ever receiving any royalty checks.

What it did for me was give me a taste and whet my appetite.  

But through the experience I determined if I wanted to make any serious money as an author that I had to write on a subject that had a market of hungry buyers and I had to use the Jedi marketing techniques that I saw some of the wealthiest authors use.  

But this was all happening in an era (circa 2000) when it was still difficult and expensive to get published or publish yourself.   So I turned to the concept of ebooks.  

I loved ebooks.  They were (are) easy to write, publish and distribute (hey, its all just electrons).  They could be super profitable too.  My first stab at any ebook turned into a raging success and it still sells quite well to this very day.  

The ebook is called, "Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of FREE Luxury Cruises" Perhaps you're familar with it?

In any event, the success of this ebook propelled me out of law practice (I wasn't having any fun anyway) and into the information marketing business which was much more to my liking.  

In the process of publishing my own ebooks, mp3's and online videos and eventually those of partners, I learned A BUNCH about the business.  

One of the most important things I discovered was that it became possible to quickly write, publish and distribute internationally, physical books, like the kind you buy at the bookstore.  In fact, you can read  about the success of my first trial in the excerpt from Joe Vitale's blog  post above.  

As I learned and applied what I mastered, I started to crank out more winning books and most importantly perfected a system that I began teaching some of my cruise speaking coaching clients.  

And then a marvelous thing started happening...

They too started to crank out great, high quality, books... that added to their bottom line.  You can see some of the case studies/ success stories below.

In the end, I am grateful.  I am grateful for the kind of success I've had with the knowlege that I will relay in this audio mp3...

Click Here To Order Now or simply...

Get Your "The Top 5 Secrets To Writing, Publishing and Profiting From Your Book - Real Fast." audio mp3 Now!

What Else Do I Receive With My Audio mp3 Order?

When you order your audio mp3, you will receive POWER bonuses which includes an excellent e-program on writing and selling your own ebooks and a $7 trial membership in the "Real Fast Book Training":


Bonus #1: 

 "Your Ultimate  Guide to Writing Your Own eBook" 

This insightful eprogram will show you exactly what you need to know to write and sell profitable ebooks - real fast.  For example, you'll discover:
  • How to get ideas that you never even knew existed out of your mind, onto paper and into your very first e-book quickly and easily!
  • How to prove to yourself that you CAN write an e-book, as a matter of fact, you already have!
  • How to find out if people will buy your book BEFORE you even start to write it!
  • How to ALWAYS sell what people are buying.
  • A sure-fire way to finally get that book started and finish it in 5 days or less!
  • Which fonts, format and writing styles will assure a higher sales conversion.
  • How to write so that people will not only buy your first book, but become long-term customers, buying every book you publish!
  • The top 10 things that I ALWAYS do to assure that I get the maximum sales for any e-book I write.
  • The tips and techniques that I teach people when they hire me to mentor them during the development of their e-books.
  • All of that and much, much more...including an extremely helpful video tutorial on how to format your book for maximum sales!

This is all vital information for your future success as an author and you can get it free when you get your audio mp3.

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Bonus #2: $7 Trial Membership

To get your audio mp3 today you'll need to invest only $7 for the 14-day trial membership in the 6-month "Real Fast Book Training" program so you can see how powerful and profitable the system truly is.

You'll have a FULL 14 days to check out the "Real Fast Book Training" program where Daniel will every week take you gently by the hand through the entire Real Fast Book  system in exclusive online video training's. You'll discover the exact system that he and his clients use to publish winning books almost at will.

In fact, this is the most in-depth extentinsive system on earth for writing, publishing and selling your "hold-in-your-hand" book -- real fast.

No joke.

Here's a sample of the insider details you get:  
  • The super time effecient way many of the guru author/ speakers use to write their books almost overnight.
  • How to organize your book so that it prctically writes itself.
  • How to make sure that your book sells even before you start writing it.
  • How to get a free eCommerce store that you can integrate into your own web site to pull in more profits.
  • The SAVVY two step approach into making your book a free standing profit center.
  • Using Amazon.com to distribute your book worldwide without ever having to carry inventory.
  • How to set up your book so that it is a free standing royalty money machine where you never have to ship a book or handle book related customer service.
  • Using a little known but highly effective FREE Amazon tool to sell more of your books faster.
  • Not interested in promoting your book? Use this technique to set up and convert your title into a set it and forget it profit proposition.
  • Build a "platform" of eager readers and fans who'll want every book you ever write.
  • Using your blog to automatically communicate with thousands of perspective book buyers. So you can spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.
  • Using pod casts to promote your books and grow your platform.
  • Under the radar tricks for using social media to build relationships with fans WITHOUT it becoming a"time vampire".
  • Clever techniques for the small guy to get big name endorsements to help assure skeptics to buy your books.
  • Secrets of using email marketing to sell your book like an online guru.
  • The clever way to design a professional looking bookcover with a free online tool.
  • Where to go to spice up your book with professional photographs for under $2 a picture.
  • Super sneaky, super smart ways to market your book with minimal effort.
After your first 14 days is over, you'll automatically be charged the lowest investment offered only top clients: only $37 a month for six months!   

But here's the best part:

If after the 14 days, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership, simply give Cheryl in our office a call at 361-299-2016 or visit our help desk and our office will STOP charging your credit card immediately.

No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. You must be completely satisfied. If not, I want you to cancel your membership.

Remember with this weekly training Daniel can (without any guesswork) take you from idea up to profitable book ASAP!

"This is great!  Give me this bonus AND give me instant access to the audio mp3"


What Is The Investment?

I put this explosive audio mp3 together to show you how easy the process can be to crank out profitable books fast.  You get my entire system laid out in one easy-to-follow mp3 audio.  Then you can check out the first 14-days in the complete Real Fast Book System for only $7.  

The entire training is six-months of weekly video lessons. I've broken it down in this way so that you won't get overwhelmed and you'll actually be able to use this powerful system to not only crank out your book fast but also set yourself up for long-term sales and profitability.  That's what you want, right?

So after the first 14-days your investment is just $37 a month for a total of 6-months charged automatically.  Yes, of course you can cancel at anytime so if after the 14 days, you want to cancel your membership, simply give Cheryl in our office a call at 361-299-2016 or visit our help desk and our office will STOP charging your credit card immediately.    (Click Here To Order Now )

How Do I Get Instant Access To My Audio mp3?

It's easy...just click here right now to order. Remember with this trial offer you are not obligated to buy anything.

Here is what people are saying about my Real Fast Book strategies...

Dr. Nick Lazaris Published 3 Books!

Here are the covers of Dr. Nick's new books that he published using Real Fast Book techniques:

"You've persuaded me, give me my audio mp3!"

Hattie Wiener says Daniel "is a Marketing Genius!"

Here's the cover of Hattie's ground-breaking book:

"This is a no-brainer deal, give me my audio mp3!

Dr. Ed Daubed Commented That Daniel 

"Did Everything He Said He Would!"

Here's the cover of Dr. Daube's Book:

"Wow, I want Daniel's strategies working for me! Give me my audio mp3!"

What Do You Have To Lose? We Both Know: "Nothing!"

Shall I go on? I could!

The fact of the matter is that my audio mp3 outlines my entire system. If your serious about publishing a quality book with the potential for high profits REAL FAST..in fact SUPER FAST..then you absolutely must act now to get my audio mp3. All I ask is you cover shipping.

Look, don't look back a year from now and regret your decision in not taking action right now.

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individualís success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

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